Body Fat Scale, Posture


Posture Smart Body Fat Scale – Wireless Digital Bathroom Scale for Body Weight – BMI Body Fat Percentage Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Body Composition Analyzer
  • 15 Essential Body Data. Posture smart scale shows not only weight but also BMI, body fat, subcutaneous fat, body water, protein, BMR, bone mass, body age etc., by electrical Bioimpedance Measurement Technology.
  • Easily sync with Health Apps. Free download FITDAYS app from app store or Google play, and FITDAYS app can easily sync with Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health, Fitbit and so on, which let you store and share your data more conveniently.
  • Keep Tracking Your Progress Easily. The Fitdays app provides detailed charts and saves historical data to track the changes of your body composition over days, weeks, months or even years. Its Athlete Mode also gives fitness persons a precision analysis of their body.
  • Super High Quality and Accuracy. Posture scale is equipped with 4 high precision G-shape sensors and 4 high sensitive electrodes, with advanced BIA technology to ensure your accurate readings with division at 0.2lb/100g, up to maximum capacity 400lb/180kg.
  • Share with unlimited users: 1 scale for unlimited users. Everyone can check their own weight easily. You can also save your body data as privacy on your APP, or share it with your friends on other social applications.