Why Does EVERY Blog Need the Duplicator Plugin Installed?

If there was only 1 plugin to use, it would be Duplicator for the reason that of what you can do with it.
Duplicator is a absolutely free WordPress plugin that enables you to:

Backup the blog’s database

Backup the blog’s WordPress files and folders

Restore a broken or corrupt weblog

a.) Database
b.) WordPress files and folders

Clone an current weblog into a new weblog and then modify the new weblog as you want

Following producing a new weblog, it may well take anyplace from 30 minutes to a couple of hours to get all the things set up the way you need.
By cloning an current weblog into a new weblog, it requires perhaps 15 minutes or significantly less
This is a step-by-step process I made to use the plugin for cloning. Following undertaking this 2-3 instances, this create-up was no longer required.
Some of the methods perhaps are various with newer versions of the plugin.
Make confident you have the username and password for the original weblog.
Some of the methods perhaps are various with newer versions of the plugin.
Make confident you have the username and password for the original weblog.
• Build a new weblog in CPanel
• Use File Manager (CPanel) and copy the wp-config.php file from the new weblog to your pc.
• Use File Manager (CPanel) and delete all files/folders from the new weblog
• Choose an current weblog to clone and Use File Manager (CPanel) or FTP and copy the installer.php and archived zipped file to the New weblog folder
These will be the only 2 files in the weblog folder.
• Load Your Browser
• Kind the URL of the New weblog/installer.php
For instance https://yourdomain.com/weblog-name/installer.php
This step begins the actual creation (clone) course of action
Extract Archives and Set up Database (Deployment)
• On the set up Database screen enter the saved information from the wp-config.php file
You will require the User name, Database name, and Password from the wp-config.php file that you saved onto your pc.
• Choose Test DB, Click on Subsequent
• Choose OK for Installation Confirmation
Verify Settings (folders) and Alter Title if needed
• Click on Subsequent to Update Information
On completion, the new weblog has been cloned.
• Click the Admin Login on the new weblog
Use your domain name and the folder when the weblog was made
Use the User Name and Password from the original weblog
• Delete the installer files if you see a message to eliminate them.
• Choose the Dashboard and Verify to see if there are any updates for WordPress, Themes, and Plugins.
• It is very significant to retain your weblog updated!
• Add a new user with preferred User Name and Password for the new weblog and Set the function as Administrator – Make confident to use a complicated password for safety motives
Make confident to save the New Username and Password.
• Log off and log back in making use of the New Username and Password
• Delete the old user
Attribute all content material to New User
Confirm the deletion
• Verify All Settings
• Resave Permalinks below Settings (/%postname%/)
Beneath Look
• Add Sources for goods to be promoted (Widgets)
• Delete something not wanted, so you have a fresh weblog
• Verify out the new weblog to make confident all the things is set up appropriately
• Build a New post (s)
• Backup New weblog with Duplicator
If you comply with the Methods, you will be capable to get the new weblog set up in significantly less than 30 minutes.
Following you have gone via the course of action 3-5 instances, you will be capable to do it with no the directions and it will take significantly less time.
Set up a new weblog from scratch and get it the way you want it, could take numerous hours of trial and error.
By cloning a weblog, you are taking a thing that you have currently made and have set up the way you want and then making use of it for one more weblog.
You have now cloned a operating weblog into a new weblog. Now you just require to configure the settings in the new weblog and make what ever alterations or additions you want.
Would I advocate this plugin to any one who has a WordPress weblog or blogs? That is a massive YES!
How Do You Backup Your WordPress Weblog?
Be secure, not sorry. Never get caught with your pants down.
Building a backup of your personal WordPress Weblog is amongst these responsibilities that a lot of people today remarkably disregard and merely plain dismiss for the reason that they do not really feel it is significant or that they do not have the time to do it.
Never danger it. One particular day you will get hit or hacked and if you have NO backup, then all of the time and work you had place in will be wiped out and you will have lost all the things.
Do not assume that nothing at all terrible will take place to all of the function that you have labored so faithfully to post and place up on your site or weblog.
This occurred to me!
In 2014, I got hacked 2 instances in 4 days. Following the initial time, the hosting corporation was capable to restore my blogs from their backups, so all the things was superior.
The second time I got hacked, 4 days later, the hosting corporation told me they had NO backups. So in 2 days, their backups no longer existed. Needless to say, I will never ever use that hosting corporation once again. They SUCK.
With technologies now, most people today consider that their site hosting solutions are so sophisticated that backups will get produced and that the hosting corporation will take care of it.
Never bet on it.
If the hosting corporation does not do backups consistently, then you are SOL (Shit Out of Luck), if you get HACKED.
You have with no a doubt figured out the challenge of ‘why must you blog’, so do not drop all the challenging function that you have place into it!
This not implying that there are not a lot of higher-high quality internet hosting businesses that will handle site backups for their shoppers.
But suppose a thing occurred when they have been undertaking their backups? You are in massive problems, pure and straightforward.
And as soon as your weblog information is gone, it is gone. Without the need of a backup of some variety, your weblog and all of the time and work are lost.
It is quite effortless to back up your WordPress weblog. And you can make backups of your weblog with no spending any revenue on a WordPress plugin.
I am going to extremely advocate the plug-in which I use on my WordPress blogs.
I just want to share with you what I use primarily for the reason that I like it the most effective. But of course, it is your selection.
Is a superb plugin created by https://snapcreek.com/
It tends to make a information backup of your database, WordPress tables, folders, and all files.
The plug-in is not challenging to use.
You can download it right here at this hyperlink: https://snapcreek.com/
I have been making use of this plugin due to the fact prior to my blogs got hacked for the reason that I had backups of every weblog that had been made with Duplicator.
I was capable to recover all 100 of my blogs, but it took numerous days, but at least I got all of my blogs back up and functioning.
You can set up the plug-in suitable from your WordPress admin web page.
Just log in to your WordPress web-site, and then click the Plugins hyperlink on the left sidebar and then click on the add new hyperlink about the top rated of the web page.
Then variety in Duplicator and it must be the 1st outcome. If not, it’ll be close to the top rated.
Then click set up and go set up the plugin.
Do Not ignore this important step.
You essentially ought to make a backup of your site! Trust me, people today overlook to execute this step!
Do backups consistently
Save the made files
The plugin will notify you as soon as it is completed.
Often retain a couple of backups of your weblog.
Retain 5 backups just to be secure. It is superior to be secure than sorry!
You can now loosen up being aware of that your blog’s info is protected in case of a disaster and your internet hosting corporation comes crashing down or your weblog(s) get hacked and your hosting corporation has NO backups of your challenging function.
The Duplicator plugin has 3 primary functions:

Backup your WordPress weblog

Restore your weblog to an earlier date

Clone an current weblog into a new weblog and save hours of time

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